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Computer assembly to your requirements for home, office or gaming


Computer assembly in Kiev

Individual assembly of computers is becoming increasingly popular in our time, because it can help to create a PC that is ideal for the respective tasks and wishes of the client. Factory assembly – this is the standard solution that will not suit all. Furthermore, most of the price of the finished computer cannot be justified: for the same money you can create a custom PC that will be much better, more powerful and more modern. Hardware Installation – this is a serious and time-consuming work that requires professionalism, attention and perfect knowledge in IT-technologies.
TopNote Service Center offers services for the assembly of personal computers. Our team of highly trained specialists with IT-education has many years of experience in this area. Assembly of computers for us is an important and responsible, but at the same time exciting and creative process. Our clients are always satisfied with our work, because they have the PC of their dreams! Games computer, high-speed computer animation and 3D-modeling, or just a simple computer for office work? All these and many other wishes are implemented by our masters!


Service center TopNote – are computers of exceptional quality, which will serve you and your family for a long time. Each assembled PC is thoroughly tested and checked for any possible errors and faults. We carefully set up the system, install the necessary software and give you a completely new working computer.
Turning to our service, you will get a lot of advantages, namely:

  • We collect computers for every taste and budget. You give us your requirements and budget – we offer the best options.
  • We work only with original components and do not use cheap imitations and used parts.
  • We install only licensed software, which improves confidence and productivity.
  • We assemble quickly and efficiently: after 1-2 days you get a ready, tested and tuned PC. Our service gives you a computer only after a complete check on the stability of the system.
  • We work closely with authorized suppliers of computer hardware, so all the parts are purchased at a discounted price. This means that the assembly of PCs in TopNote cost you less than at other service center.


Computers, assembled by TopNote service center, are characterized by high reliability and performance. Our customers appreciated the speed and stability of their PCs, as well as full compliance with their expectations. Service center TopNote – a quality and inexpensive assembly of PCs in Kiev. Come to us – and order the computer of your dreams!

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