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Cleaning your computer from dust in Kiev

Many people underestimate quite simple operation, and did not even suspect in what poor condition may be the system of your computer. Cleaning your computer from dust – very important if you want to extend the life of your device. If you notice that your PC is slower to work, awful buzzing, heated – immediately contact the service center for help TopNote! Clean dust from computer will be much cheaper, then buy, for example, burned motherplate or videocard. In time contacting the service center TopNote, you get a fully functional computer that will stay cool and quiet.


Why your need clean your computer from dust

– dust can cause a short circuit

– dust can cause contact oxidation

– poor thermal conductivity of dust contributes to overheating the internal parts of the PC

– dust does harm to your body

Dust causes overheating of internal components of the system unit.Computer cooling system can not cope with this load, temperature increases, that adversely affects all without exception, components of the system unit. All this affects the unstable work of PC, and the end result can be output from the processor system, north or south bridge motherboard or video card.

Computer time to clean, if:

1. There were glitches, hang programs

2. The computer randomly shuts down or restarts

3. The fans constantly spinning and noise

4. Hang (PC shutdown) immediately after starting

Cleaning your computer from dust in Kiev TopNote company includes a number of preventive measures. In the service center TopNote we produce:

–  complete disassembly of the PC

– clean all components against dust computer

– replacement of thermal paste on the CPU and graphics card

– grease all coolers (fans)

– setting the cooling system

Professional cleaning PCs in Kiev near the Leningrad area. If you do not know where to clean your PC from dust, contact TopNote company – and we will help him to clean and help him find a new life.

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