Drown laptop repair

If you spill liquid on laptop, it can lead to multiple
closures of the elements and their burn down.
Depending on the number of elements emerging from
line up can conclude, that is economically profitable – repair or
completely replace the motherboard and defective blocks.


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What to do?

1. Immediately turn off the power of the laptop.
2. Disconnect the battery (if it is removable).
3. Do not try to dry your laptop by hairdryer, otherwise the keypad will melt!
4. Contact with service center.

Many believe that after waiting for a day the laptop dries and can be further
used. They are sadly mistaken. Liquid
It may be under the microchips more than a week, and if it is tea, juice or wine then after
time, they only become conductive elements. This will lead to a short circuit

Most laptops continue to operate after drying, owners only change the keyboard,
Considering that the problem is solved. But it is not so. Gradually liquid corrodes laptop, and here can happens the worst thing. The motherboard is rotting from the inside.

The price for this service is available HERE!

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