BIOS – is a program that is loaded when you turn on your notebook or PC, check whether the devices work properly on the motherboard, configuring these devices produces and launches the operating system loader. pereproshivka_bios_TopNoteBIOS is stored in a certain memory chip on the motherboard laptop or desktop PC.

If the BIOS has been damaged or has been replaced faulty chipset on the motherboard, it is necessary to flash through BIOS, ie replace the BIOS program in the memory chip the required. BIOS firmware is carried out on the programmer.pereproshivka_bios_TopNote_2

Firmware BIOS is a very serious work to be undertaken by a professional, as if trying to do it yourself, you can damage the motherboard and restore it will not be subject to. Rely on the company’s business professionals TopNote. We will firmware BIOS quickly, efficiently and safely for your equipment.

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