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Service center TopNote – provides qualified repair of laptops of all brands and types. Replacement of keyboards , matrix and motherboards repair.

All HP notebooks


HP 14, HP 15, HP 17, HP 2000, HP 250, HP 250 G1, HP 250 G2, HP 250 G3, HP 250 G4, HP 255 G1, HP 255 G2, HP 255 G3, HP 255 G4, HP 350 G1, HP 350 G2, HP 355 G2, HP 500, HP 510, HP 620, HP 625, HP 630, HP 635, HP 650, HP 655

HP Chromebook

HP Chromebook 14, HP Chromebook 14-q000er, HP Chromebook 14-q001er

HP Compaq

HP Compaq 2133, HP Compaq 2140, HP Compaq 2230s, HP Compaq 2400, HP Compaq 2510p, HP Compaq 2710p, HP Compaq 500, HP Compaq 510, HP Compaq 515, HP Compaq 530, HP Compaq 550, HP Compaq 610, HP Compaq 615, HP Compaq 620, HP Compaq 6510b, HP Compaq 6530b, HP Compaq 6710b, HP Compaq 6715b, HP Compaq 6720s, HP Compaq 6720t, HP Compaq 6730b, HP Compaq 6730s, HP Compaq 6735b, HP Compaq 6735s, HP Compaq 6820s, HP Compaq 6830s, HP Compaq 6910p, HP Compaq 8510p, HP Compaq 8510w, HP Compaq 8710p, HP Compaq 8710w, HP Compaq 8730w, HP Compaq Airlife 100, HP Compaq nw8240, HP Compaq nw8440, HP Compaq nw9440, HP Compaq tc4400

HP Compaq Mini

HP Compaq Mini 110, HP Compaq Mini 110c, HP Compaq Mini 1137NR, HP Compaq Mini 1199ER, HP Compaq Mini 200, HP Compaq Mini 210, HP Compaq Mini 2102, HP Compaq Mini 210c, HP Compaq Mini 311, HP Compaq Mini 311c, HP Compaq Mini 5101, HP Compaq Mini 5102, HP Compaq Mini 5103, HP Compaq Mini 700ER, HP Compaq Mini 702EA, HP Compaq Mini 730, HP Compaq Mini 733EZ, HP Compaq Mini CQ10

HP Compaq nc

HP Compaq nc2400, HP Compaq nc4200, HP Compaq nc4400, HP Compaq nc6000, HP Compaq nc6120, HP Compaq nc6320, HP Compaq nc6400, HP Compaq nc6515b, HP Compaq nc8230, HP Compaq nc8430

HP Compaq nx

HP Compaq nx6110, HP Compaq nx6125, HP Compaq nx6310, HP Compaq nx6325, HP Compaq nx7010, HP Compaq nx7300, HP Compaq nx7400, HP Compaq nx8220, HP Compaq nx9020, HP Compaq nx9030, HP Compaq nx9105, HP Compaq nx9420

HP Compaq Presario

HP Compaq Presario C500T, HP Compaq Presario CQ50, HP Compaq Presario CQ56, HP Compaq Presario CQ57, HP Compaq Presario CQ58, HP Compaq Presario CQ60, HP Compaq Presario CQ61, HP Compaq Presario CQ62, HP Compaq Presario CQ70, HP Compaq Presario CQ71

HP Elitebook

HP Elitebook 2170p, HP Elitebook 2530b, HP Elitebook 2530p, HP Elitebook 2540p, HP Elitebook 2560p, HP Elitebook 2570p, HP Elitebook 2730p, HP Elitebook 2740p, HP Elitebook 2760p, HP Elitebook 6930p, HP Elitebook 720, HP Elitebook 725 G2, HP Elitebook 740, HP Elitebook 745 G2, HP Elitebook 750, HP Elitebook 750 G1, HP Elitebook 755 G2, HP Elitebook 820, HP Elitebook 820 G1, HP Elitebook 840 G1, HP Elitebook 8440p, HP Elitebook 8460p, HP Elitebook 8460w, HP Elitebook 8470p, HP Elitebook 8470w, HP Elitebook 850 G1, HP Elitebook 8530p, HP Elitebook 8530w, HP Elitebook 8540p, HP Elitebook 8540w, HP Elitebook 8560p, HP Elitebook 8560w, HP Elitebook 8570p, HP Elitebook 8570w, HP Elitebook 8730w, HP Elitebook 8740w, HP Elitebook 8760w, HP Elitebook 8770w, HP Elitebook 9470m, HP Elitebook Revolve 810 G1

HP EliteBook Folio

HP EliteBook Folio 1040 G1, HP EliteBook Folio 9470m

HP EliteBook Revolve

HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G1, HP EliteBook Revolve 810 G2

HP Envy

HP Envy 13, HP Envy 14, HP Envy 15, HP Envy 17, HP Envy 4, HP Envy 6, HP Envy dv6, HP Envy dv7, HP Envy m4, HP Envy m6

HP Folio

HP Folio 13


HP G42, HP G60, HP G61, HP G62, HP G72



HP Envy x360

HP Envy x360 15



HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion 10, HP Pavilion 11, HP Pavilion 15,HP Pavilion 17, HP Pavilion c791er, HP Pavilion c795er, HP Pavilion dm1, HP Pavilion dm3, HP Pavilion dm4, HP Pavilion dv2, HP Pavilion dv2100, HP Pavilion dv3, HP Pavilion dv4, HP Pavilion dv5, HP Pavilion dv6, HP Pavilion dv6000, HP Pavilion dv7, HP Pavilion dv8, HP Pavilion dv9000, HP Pavilion g6, HP Pavilion g7, HP Pavilion HDX 18, HP Pavilion m6, HP Pavilion TouchSmart 11, HP Pavilion tx1000z, HP Pavilion tx2000es

HP Pavilion x2

HP Pavilion x2 10

HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360 11, HP Pavilion x360 13, HP Pavilion x360 15

HP ProBook

HP ProBook 350, HP ProBook 430, HP ProBook 430 G1, HP ProBook 430 G2, HP ProBook 4310s, HP ProBook 4320s, HP ProBook 4330s, HP ProBook 4340s, HP ProBook 4420s, HP ProBook 4440s, HP ProBook 450, HP ProBook 450 G0, HP ProBook 450 G1, HP ProBook 450 G2, HP ProBook 4510s, HP ProBook 4515s, HP ProBook 4520s, HP ProBook 4525s, HP ProBook 4530s, HP ProBook 4535s, HP ProBook 4540s, HP ProBook 4545s, HP ProBook 455, HP ProBook 455 G1, HP ProBook 455 G2, HP ProBook 470, HP ProBook 470 G0, HP ProBook 470 G1, HP ProBook 470 G2, HP ProBook 4710s, HP ProBook 4720s, HP ProBook 4730s, HP ProBook 4740s, HP ProBook 5310m, HP ProBook 5320m, HP ProBook 5330m, HP ProBook 6360b, HP ProBook 640 G1, HP ProBook 6440b, HP ProBook 645 G1, HP ProBook 6450b, HP ProBook 6460b, HP ProBook 6465b, HP ProBook 6470b, HP ProBook 6475b, HP ProBook 650 G1, HP ProBook 650 G1 F1P32EA, HP ProBook 6540b, HP ProBook 6545b, HP ProBook 655 G1, HP ProBook 6550b, HP ProBook 6555b, HP ProBook 6560b, HP ProBook 6570b

HP Spectre

HP Spectre 13 Pro, HP Spectre 14, HP Spectre XT 13, HP Spectre XT 13-2000er, HP Spectre XT 15, HP Spectre XT Pro

HP Spectre x360

HP Spectre x360 13

HP Split

HP Split 13

HP Stream

HP Stream 11, HP Stream 13, HP Stream 14, HP Stream x360

HP TouchSmart

HP TouchSmart tm2, HP TouchSmart tx2

HP Voodoo

HP Voodoo Envy HW:201

HP ZBook 

HP ZBook 14, HP ZBook 15, HP ZBook 17

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