TopNote company specializes in installing software programs, drivers, and of course Windows.

We use only licensed operating systems.

We carry out the installation of Windows on a new PC (assembly which you can order from us), and the little old. Also we can install Windows on a laptop of any model (except Apple of course :))

How do you know it’s time to reinstall the operating system (Windows)?

  • The computer started to slow down and slow to perform tasks
  • Boot the system takes a long time
  • Pop-up ads (which happens as a result of virus infection)
  • Generally does not start


So, over time, after the installation of a large number of computer programs and utilities become slow, that affects your speed.And as you know time is money. Even after the removal of many programs leave behind a residual files that accumulate over time and can become a cause of slowing down the OS.

The best solution in this case is to reinstall Windows. The company’s specialists TopNote carefully test the performance of your equipment and prompt which version of the operating system to install on your laptop or PC.


In addition to the operating system we will install the most recent package of programs and utilities, configure the driver for the equipment, and will help you to connect external devices.

With the installation of Windows, you can see the prices HERE!

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