Keyboard replacement

Keyboard – this is one of the main parts of a laptop, needed to work(typesetting,
correspondence, create tables, and more). Each model has its own notebook keyboard,
different color, view, plume fastening to the motherboard.


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As a rule, the keyboard comes into disrepair after being hit by  different fluid (Tea coffee,
juice, beer) on a laptop. The result is corrosion.

 Keypad won’t work for the following reasons:
• Unstable software (failure)
• Beat or deformation of the housing
• Virus
• Malfunction of the chip on the system board

There are two ways of repair of your laptop in this situation:
• Replacement of a new keyboard. Term of the work p to 15-30 minutes.
• Cleaning and restoration of the keyboard (repair).

Drenched laptop definitely recommended to diagnose, since liquid could get
to internal laptop parts, which can lead to additional malfunctions (corrosion
board laptop).

We have the necessary modern specialized equipment in our workshop for
keyboard recovery. Cleaning and restoration of the laptop keyboard is quite time-consuming and
difficult process. Required cleaning (washing) of each contact. Engineer using the slot will
test each keyboard element.


The price for this service is available HERE!

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