Matrix replacement

Matrix (or display) – probably the most expensive element of the notebook. And, unfortunately, most fragile.
Typically, the matrix replacement (replacement of the display) is carried out in those cases where the screen repair
It proves impossible due to irreversible physical damage.


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Despite the fact that the cost of replacing a laptop matrix is usually higher than the monitor repair
a desktop computer, the customers of our company can always count on the good price, we stand behind the high quality of work performance. The price of repair
Laptop matrix determined by the type diagonal notebook model and the degree of physical
damage to the screen.

In theory, the replacement and repair of the matrix seems to be accessible and understandable to any more or less
advanced user, in practice, the situation is quite different. Replacement Laptop Matrix
often complicated by the need to “tweak” or completely redo system
fixing under the display not the original and the subsequent problem of laptop configuration.

In order to avoid the total breakage of the notebook, we recommend you refrain from
attempts to repair and to replace a matrix exclusively in
qualified professionals.

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