Computers quickly become obsolete, do not keep up with the increasing demands of the software.For efficient and comfortable computer work is necessary to improve the parameters. What exactly  the best way to replace and upgrade the computer, to speed up the work, will be able to recommend a qualified technician TopNote.
Our specialist assigned to each computer individually, assess the current configuration of your computer, will give recommendations on possible upgrading your computer, will produce all the necessary work.
Service center “TopNote” works with leading suppliers of computer accessories.
The following are options for the most common type of upgrade of computers and their descriptions.
Replacing the processor
Processor – the most important computational computer unit— the higher the clock speed, тем выше производительность компьютера и стоимость процессора. But how do you choose a processor for a specific task, so as not to overpay? What clock frequency should have a processor for optimum performance with games and processing of audio and video? For office applications? The specialists of our service will answer all your questions, pick up and install the processor, are best suited to perform the required tasks.
Increase RAM
o work in the office programs and Internet, usually enough 512-1024 MB of RAM, but if you are going to do something more demanding on system resources, for example to play a new game (Assassin’s Creed), or install a new version of the operating system (Windows 10), you will need to be at least double that amount or even to bring it up to a value 4096-8192 MB.
In addition, it is recommended to install memory modules that operate at maximum frequency (supported by the motherboard) and in dual-channel mode, this will ensure the harmonious operation of the processor and RAM — the faster the processor receives the data, the faster they are processed, resulting in increased overall performance.
Upgrading the graphics card
Graphics performance is extremely important for those who like to play computer games or seriously engaged in modeling, or video editing. Usually, it seems quite reasonable graphics card with capacity of 512 – 1024 MB, founded on the graphic chipset, powerful enough to cope with all tasks. The higher graphics performance, the higher the power consumption, so you need to take care of the unit with a more powerful power supply replacement.
Replacing the hard drive
From the speed of reading and writing to a hard disk, computer speed depends. If it is slow, and the computer will run slowly, regardless of the performance of other components – CPU and RAM. If your computer has a slow hard drive, it is better to change it to a high-speed Solid State SSD..
Selection of the necessary components and their installation (replacement) is performed by experienced specialists who have in-depth knowledge in their respective areas. Contact the service center TopNote and our experts will be happy to help make your computer of this beast.
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