PC repair


PC Repair in Kiev

Problem with your PC – this is not a reason for panic, but for a fast call to the TopNote service center. We provide fast and high quality repair PCs at an affordable price. The competence of TopNote – to repair damage of any complexity: from the viruses into the system to cracks on the motherboard. Our team will conduct a complete diagnosis of the PC system and find any faults and eliminate them as soon as possible.
Very often, the personal computer is an essential attribute of a professional, and its failure can lead to serious trouble. If you find any problems with your PC – in any case, do not attempt to fix anything by yourself. In most cases, such actions complicate subsequent repairs making it longer and more expensive. Call to us immediately, you will get an excellent, fast and fully functional PC in the next few days!
We have all the necessary hardware and software that allows us to find any faults in the system. We conduct special tests that detect even the smallest malfunction of the PC. Service center TopNote remedies any problems, including:

  • overheating hardware parts;
  • faulty electrical circuits inside the system unit;
  • cracks and mechanical damage to the component parts;
  • presence of liquid in the keyboard, monitor and the system unit;
  • the presence of dust and dirt in the system unit and a clogged fan;
  • bumps and cracks in the display monitor;
  • any failure of keyboard and mouse;

Our service cooperates with the authorized suppliers of component parts. Therefore, if any part of your computer can not be repaired, we will replace it with a new one. Special software allows us to remove any software failure. If your computer suddenly erases files, we can easily recover them. But remember about timely treatment in the service center!
TopNote – always quotes reasonable prices for quality service. We are situated near Leningradska square. So if you are looking for PC repair in Kiev you have found the masters! Our team of high-level professionals, people who love their work and will do everything to make your computer work for the benefit of you and your family!

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