The cost of repairs is formed as the total value of the list of works and spare parts needed for repairs. The final cost of the service center informs the administrator, during the negotiation phase the cost of repairs.

Repair and maintenance of notebooks:

Full notebook or PC Diagnostics – 100 UAH

Name of worksPrice
Replacement of laptop keyboard80 UAH.
Replacing laptop hard drive80 UAH.
Replacement Laptop RAM Memory (RAM)80 UAH.
Replacing the optical drive on laptop (CD-DVD)50 UAH.
Works that require partial disassembly of the laptop*80 UAH.
Replacing the matrix screen, laptop display130 UAH.
Replacement of Laptop Inverter160 UAH.
Replacing the backlight matrix screen250 UAH.
Replacing the Wi-Fi module, Bluetooth, Modem150 UAH.
Works that require complete disassembly **150 UAH.
Total dust cleaning in laptop100 UAH.
Replacement of Laptop Processor70 UAH.
ЗReplacing the cooling fan of laptop80 UAH.
Replacement of cooling CPU systems and laptop video radiator80 UAH.
Replacing the body of notebook, laptop hull elements100 UAH.
Replacement of laptop motherboard120 UAH.
Replacing the power supply connector, audio, USB, LAN, VGA, HDMI etc.150 UAH.
Replacement of laptop motherboard components180 UAH.
Repair of a circuit of the motherboard and battery charging400 UAH.
Replacing the chip BGA, chip, bridges, laptop video560 UAH.
Refurbished Laptops are filled with coolant560 UAH.

PC Repair and Maintenance:

Name of worksPrice
installation \ replacement power supply80 UAH.
Setting \ replacement processor80 UAH.
Setting \ replacing RAM40 UAH.
Setting \ replacement of motherboard 180 UAH.
Setting \ replacing of sound card40 UAH.
Setting \ replacing the video card40 UAH.
Setting \ replacing of TV tuner40 UAH.
Setting \ replacing the optical drive40 UAH.
Setting \ replacing of network card40 UAH.
Setting \ replacing of hard disk50 UAH.
setting BIOS on the motherboard50 UAH.
flashing BIOS150 UAH.
Cleaning the system unit from dust150 UAH.

Installing and configuring the software / OS:

Name of worksPrice
Installation of Microsoft Office80 UAH.
Installing and configuring the email client60 UAH.
Installing Device Drivers30-100 UAH.
Install and configure antivirus software40 UAH.
Installing of multimedia software20 UAH.
Install software for graphics40-100 UAH.
Installing utilities 20 UAH.
Installation of archivators20 UAH.
Installing codecs20 UAH.
Removing the Windows Password with the preservation of information200 UAH.
Removing Windows password without saving information100 UAH.
Removing a BIOS password 350 UAH.
Viruses cleaningfrom 150 UAH.
 ** For the cost of the works is added the cost of a complete disassembly of the laptop

Prices are presented without taking into account the cost of spare parts. TopNote company works only with licensed software. Installing and configuring the paid software is only possible if the user purchase a license for the relevant product.

IMPORTANT! Company TopNote not transmit or make parts for laptops and PCs! We can recommend where to buy, or send you to our partners who specialize in spare parts sales.
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