Computer viruses can catch each user. The reason for getting malware in a great variety of, the main of which is a visit unsafe sites on the Internet, the lack of antivirus software, using infected flash drives and memory cards.

There are many different versions concerning the date of birth of the first computer virus. However, most experts agree on the idea that a computer virus, as such, appeared for the first time in 1986, although historically the emergence of viruses is closely associated with the idea of self-replicating programs. One of the “pioneer” among computer viruses considered to be “Brain” virus created by the Pakistani programmer surname Alvi. In the US alone, this virus has infected more than 18 thousand computers. At the beginning of the era of computer viruses virus development program was purely exploratory in nature, gradually turning to openly hostile attitude towards users of irresponsible and even criminal “elements”. Criminal Law prescribes liability for computer crimes, including the creation and spread of viruses in several countries.chistka_ot_virusov_TopNote_1

Viruses are only in software. They are generally attached to the file or enter the file body. In this case we say that the file is infected with a virus. The virus enters the computer only with the infected file. To activate the virus need to download the infected file, and only then, the virus starts to act independently.

Some viruses during the launch of the infected file are resident (constantly in the computer’s RAM) and can infect other downloadable files and programs.Another kind of virus immediately after activation may be the cause of serious damage to, for example, format the hard disk. Action virus can manifest itself in different ways: from the various visual effects that hinder work to complete loss of information. Most viruses infect executables, that is, files with the extension .EXE and .COM, although in recent years gaining popularity viruses that spread through e-mail system.chistka_ot_virusov_TopNote_2

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