Replacement of conectors

Repair replacement laptop connectors and ports often in the repair order services, и это объяснимо. Each laptop has a special device helpers – it
Ports and connectors, they are just like any other mechanisms, sometimes it is out of order.


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In our workshop involves the exchange of power connectors, USB, audio on all models of laptops.
in stock, we have the necessary connectors.

Causes damage to the connectors:
• Drop, knock
• The bending of the plug wire power supply
• Bad soldering supply and motherboard connector
• Use of “native” Power Supply
• Too intense connection and disconnection of the power supply

From this problems we have a reasons:
• The notebook can not be switched
• The notebook is not charged
• The notebook is charged only in a certain position
• The laptop turns off after several seconds of operation

The main problems associated with laptop connectors:
1. Very often we are approached by customers, who does not work usb or laptop does not see the usb. In such situations business or incorrect settings, or physical damage to the connectors.
Replacing the usb port on the laptop is required when the computer does not recognize the connected
equipment and connection impossible. If your laptop does not work ports
usb, will be able to solve the problem only by professionals.

2. If you connect usb laptop is switched off, therefore it requires skilled
diagnostics and repair of the connector. In such situations, we will replace the defective
Accessories and verify computer performance while operating with different
additional equipment. Repair usb port laptop – it is a quick procedure, after which
if your wish our masters will give you free expert advice on
proper operation.

3. Repair and replacement of the power connector goes quickly thanks to extensive experience and
availability of original spare parts.

The price for this service is available HERE!

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