Samsung laptop repair


Service center TopNote – provides qualified repair of laptops of all brands and types. Replacement of keyboards , matrix and motherboards repair.

All Samsung notebooks

Samsung ATIV Book

Samsung ATIV Book 2, Samsung ATIV Book 4, Samsung ATIV Book 5, Samsung ATIV Book 6, Samsung ATIV Book 7, Samsung ATIV Book 8, Samsung ATIV Book 9

Samsung E

Samsung E352, Samsung E452E

Samsung G

Samsung G10, Samsung G15, Samsung G25, Samsung G910

Samsung M

Samsung M30, Samsung M40, Samsung M40plus, Samsung M50, Samsung M55, Samsung M70

Samsung N

Samsung N100, Samsung N100S, Samsung N102, Samsung N110, Samsung N120, Samsung N127, Samsung N128, Samsung N130, Samsung N138, Samsung N140, Samsung N143, Samsung N145, Samsung N148, Samsung N150, Samsung N210, Samsung N220, Samsung N220 Plus, Samsung N230, Samsung N250, Samsung N308, Samsung N310, Samsung N350, Samsung N510

Samsung NB

Samsung NB30, Samsung NB30 Pro

Samsung NC

Samsung NC10, Samsung NC110, Samsung NC20, Samsung NC210, Samsung NC215

Samsung NF

Samsung NF110, Samsung NF210, Samsung NF310

Samsung NP

Samsung NP100NZC, Samsung NP200A5B, Samsung NP300E4A, Samsung NP300E5A, Samsung NP300E5C, Samsung NP300E5E, Samsung NP300E5V, Samsung NP300E5X, Samsung NP300E5Z, Samsung NP300E7A, Samsung NP300E7Z, Samsung NP300U1A, Samsung NP300V3A, Samsung NP300V4A, Samsung NP300V5A, Samsung NP300V5Z, Samsung NP305E5A, Samsung NP305E5Z, Samsung NP305E7A, Samsung NP305U1A, Samsung NP305U1Z, Samsung NP305V5A, Samsung NP305V5AD, Samsung NP305V5Z, Samsung NP310E5C, Samsung NP350E5C, Samsung NP350E7C, Samsung NP350E7X, Samsung NP350U2A, Samsung NP350U2B, Samsung NP350U2Y, Samsung NP350V5C, Samsung NP350V5X, Samsung NP355E5C, Samsung NP355E5X, Samsung NP355V4C, Samsung NP355V5C, Samsung NP355V5X, Samsung NP370R5E, Samsung NP400B5B, Samsung NP450R5E, Samsung NP470R4E, Samsung NP510R5E, Samsung NP530U3B, Samsung NP530U3C, Samsung NP530U4B, Samsung NP530U4C, Samsung NP535U3C, Samsung NP535U4C, Samsung NP550P5C, Samsung NP550P7C, Samsung NP700G7A, Samsung NP700G7C, Samsung NP700Z3A, Samsung NP700Z5A, Samsung NP700Z5C, Samsung NP700Z7C, Samsung NP900X1A, Samsung NP900X1B, Samsung NP900X3A, Samsung NP900X3B, Samsung NP900X3C, Samsung NP900X3D, Samsung NP900X3E, Samsung NP900X4C, Samsung NP900X4D

Samsung NS

Samsung NS310

Samsung P

Samsung P20, Samsung P25, Samsung P27, Samsung P28, Samsung P28G, Samsung P29, Samsung P30, Samsung P35, Samsung P40, Samsung P400, Samsung P430 Pro, Samsung P480 Pro, Samsung P50, Samsung P530 Pro, Samsung P55, Samsung P580 PRO, Samsung P60

Samsung Q

Samsung Q1, Samsung Q1P, Samsung Q1U, Samsung Q20, Samsung Q210, Samsung Q25, Samsung Q30, Samsung Q310, Samsung Q320, Samsung Q330, Samsung Q35, Samsung Q40, Samsung Q430, Samsung Q45, Samsung Q530, Samsung Q70, Samsung Q70C

Samsung QX

Samsung QX310, Samsung QX410, Samsung QX411, Samsung QX412, Samsung QX510

Samsung R

Samsung R18, Samsung R20, Samsung R25, Samsung R40, Samsung R410, Samsung R418, Samsung R420, Samsung R425, Samsung R428, Samsung R430, Samsung R440, Samsung R45, Samsung R455, Samsung R460, Samsung R463, Samsung R465, Samsung R469, Samsung R470, Samsung R480, Samsung R50, Samsung R503, Samsung R505, Samsung R508, Samsung R509, Samsung R510, Samsung R517, Samsung R518, Samsung R519, Samsung R520, Samsung R522, Samsung R523, Samsung R525, Samsung R528, Samsung R528E, Samsung R530, Samsung R530E, Samsung R538, Samsung R540, Samsung R55, Samsung R560, Samsung R578, Samsung R58, Samsung R580, Samsung R590, Samsung R60, Samsung R60Plus, Samsung R610, Samsung R620, Samsung R65, Samsung R70, Samsung R700, Samsung R710, Samsung R717, Samsung R719, Samsung R720, Samsung R728, Samsung R730, Samsung R780

Samsung RC

Samsung RC508, Samsung RC510, Samsung RC520, Samsung RC528, Samsung RC530, Samsung RC710, Samsung RC720, Samsung RC728, Samsung RC730

Samsung RF

Samsung RF410, Samsung RF510, Samsung RF511, Samsung RF710, Samsung RF711, Samsung RF712

Samsung RV

Samsung RV408, Samsung RV410, Samsung RV415, Samsung RV508, Samsung RV509, Samsung RV510, Samsung RV511, Samsung RV513, Samsung RV515, Samsung RV518, Samsung RV520, Samsung RV540, Samsung RV709, Samsung RV711, Samsung RV718, Samsung RV720

Samsung SA

Samsung SA31

Samsung SF

Samsung SF310, Samsung SF311, Samsung SF410, Samsung SF411, Samsung SF510, Samsung SF511

Samsung V

Samsung V30

Samsung X

Samsung X05, Samsung X06, Samsung X1, Samsung X10, Samsung X10plus, Samsung X11, Samsung X118, Samsung X11C, Samsung X120, Samsung X125, Samsung X15, Samsung X15plus, Samsung X20, Samsung X22, Samsung X25, Samsung X30, Samsung X360, Samsung X418, Samsung X420, Samsung X460, Samsung X50, Samsung X520, Samsung X60, Samsung X65

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