In our lives, we use every day, our assistants: laptops, tablets, smartphones, and we use more cumbersome desktop computers at work or in the office. But they need special software. Often used by the most famous Windows, IOS, Android, Mac OS. But, unfortunately, all these programs are not perfect and occasionally glitch. This can happen because of the installation of unwanted software, malicious programs, system failures, and just because of the congestion of the system. The company’s specialists TopNote – which is located at the Prague 5 in Kiev, always happy to help with any problem related to the software. Helping to set up Windows, install the drivers for your device, configure the package Microsoft Office, various graphics programs, and utility at a great price. We use only licensed software, so you will not have problems with updating and operability of a program. The TopNote company always held promotions. We are always can surprised you by the right approach and the speed of solving problems related to the software.



Masters of the company TopNote perform the installation of operating systems and software of any complexity. We offer you a professional installation of operating systems Windows and Linux and MacOS. Now you do not have to do it yourself. Skilled craftsmen will hold the installation from start to finish. The installation of the operating system include:disk partition formatting, on which you will install the OS (if necessary, may preserve the existing data on your HDD), installing the selected operating system, install the drivers for all integrated devices.

We are ready to offer you not only the installation, but also the restoration and reinstallation of operating systems.

Operating system installation prices you can see on the page Our prices.

* The cost of the license for the operating system is not included in the published rates.



After installing the operating system, you must install the software.  TopNote  masters are ready to help. The software can be anything – conventional (accessory) for advanced users and professionals.

The cost of installing the software, you can see on the page Our prices.

* The price does not include the cost of software licenses.

We only deal with licensed versions of operating systems and software to the customer’s distribution. or those which are distributed freely.

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